Version 0.3.01 isn't just ceremonial. There's some new stuff under the hood. Behold the terror of a villain in Slasher Mode! Breathe a sigh of relief as you see the new, streamlined AP chart (my vote for best single improvement in the last several updates), and pop a 720° frontside fakie on your BMX surfboard when you see the new Shredmeister trope (thanks to M0RGANMLGMAN on Reddit for the suggestion). And of course, there's more. There's always more.
  • Included a new chart explaining AP costs in broadly applicable terms that are easy to remember and understand. This fixed one of our biggest concerns with the entire game.
  • Added "Slasher Mode" to the Villains section! Now it's easy to make your villain span the movie's plot in a way that doesn't belittle the players.
  • The Taunt action now gives the target epic dice to rolls against the taunter and costs 2 AP.
  • When you Push a target, it now moves DOUBLE the difference between the rolls. The Push action now costs 3 AP.
  • All cinematic actions have now been named for quick reference!
  • Tropes got a bit of reformatting.
  • Added some words of advice to the "Scenes and Days" section about scene transitions.
  • Fixed a bit in the "I'm a discerning Veteran..." section that referred to epic dice as "rerolls". It now more accurately calls them "extra rolls".
  • Added some licensed artwork. This is art that wasn't made specifically for Straight to VHS, and which can appear elsewhere. Basically, they are an inexpensive way to jazz-up the book a bit while we don't have the money to do so with original artwork specific to Straight to VHS.
  • Some general sprucing-up of the PDF. We're not professional graphic designers, but we've seen worse-looking rulebooks. Hear that? We're not the worst! USA! USA! 

  • Added the Shredmeister trope.
  • Added the following perks: "Domino Strike", "Shock Absorber", and "Wire Work".
  • Jack Burtonesque's ability to avoid enemy attention has been cinematic actionified.
  • The Beastmaster Trope gained a cinematic action
  • The Wrestler trope now gets two epic dice on their next roll after a Push it to the Limit is used on them. Previously, the Wrestler would get two epic dice tokens.
  • The Evil Eye perk now gives your target a blooper die on a roll when you roll an 11-15, instead of giving -2 to all rolls in the scene (too powerful).


07/19/2016 4:51am

very well

Many games are available in market and many companies change the some things for more fun and also make unique. This way companies get many profit in this field and provide many different games for people.

07/21/2016 7:20pm

I'm so glad that they finally added some new features of this game. The previous version got me so bored already. I can't wait to play this again from morning until midnight. Thanks for sharing this information! I'm looking forward to see your future posts.

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