Hello VHS adventurers! Straight to VHS has now been updated to version 0.3.8. I've been working on some larger features that aren't ready to be included in the game yet, so this is a pretty small update, which is summed up with the bullet points below.
  • The Stat Tweaks got changed to a loadout of +4, +2, -2, -4. This should be faster to allocate and result in more interesting stats.
  • Removed the mechanic that allows players to turn in epic dice tokens for AP. I don't think it was a terrible mechanic, but players practically never choose to use it and it was bloating up the rules. Additionally, on the rare occasion a player did decide to use it, it could result in an overlong turn that leaves the other players waiting.
  • Added "Zombie" and "Specter" to the Bad Guys section.
  • Did some minor tinkering with items.
  • Some wording changes throughout. For example, the "meaningful rolls" needed to show weakness are now "consequential rolls". Another example: in the "Bad Movie Mind-Set" section, I replaced the words "move things forwards" with "make interesting choices". This stuff isn't very sexy, I realize, but it's resulting in a more polished, more helpful rule book.

Also, I realize that in my quest to release an update each month, I missed November by a day. I'll be sure to release another update before 2016 ends (finally!). 2017 will bring version 0.4, a lot more time away from the dayjob and likely a new approach to both updates and playtesting.


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