It's a little bit late (not even a fortnight), but Straight to VHS version 0.3.7 brings some welcome streamlining to the game's action sequences. Let's have a look at the change log!
  • The old system of feet/squares of movement has been replaced by a new "move distance" system that allows for faster, looser battlefield navigation. The old system is still presented (with some minor changes) in the Optional Rules section and is recommended for those who like to use a grid when playing.
  • Figuring out initiative has also been streamlined a bit. Characters' ATH scores are used as static initiative scores, though at the start of an action sequence, players can use an epic die token to jump forward in the turn order.
  • Many cinematic actions and standard actions (like pushing, grabbing, disarming, tackling) were adjusted for the new move distance system.
  • Some example items and options in the weapon workshop were also adjusted for the new move distance system.
  • The "Ghost" bad guy is now really bad at staying dead.

  • Removed the "Quick to Act" perk, which didn't work with the new initiative system (plus, it was never a popular option).
  • The "Martial Artist" trope now requires the player to succeed by 5 or more when defending melee attacks in order to move themselves or their attacker up to a SET distance. The resulting movement is less finicky and more awesome!
  • The "Jack Burtonesque" trope now always allows you to use any 20s you roll (even when rolling blooper dice), instead of getting an automatic 20 when rolling doubles. It no longer grants the "Initiative" forte.
  • The "Man/Woman of Action" trope now has a a "Destruction" forte, instead of an "Initiative" forte.

I'm itching to see what the wider response is to the changes brought on in this version. I suspect further refinement will be needed for some of these changes, but I hope folks will voice their opinions on whether the new movement system (in particular) seems like a step in the right direction or not.

Keep an eye on Straight to VHS in the next few months! The holidays might keep me a little busy, but I expect to have more chances to get good work done than the last couple months (which have included family emergencies, medical procedures, a trip out of state, a suddenly fried computer and more). Also, I just got a lens prescription for the very first time and can now see 700% more words, so that's a new asset.

Game on!


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