One month after the last update, Straight to VHS has been updated to version 0.3.6. The biggest change this update brings is the removal of reloading as a game mechanic. I think there were some nice qualities to having reloading, but for most other players I talked to, the good was outweighed by the bad.

A few other things happened too, but I'll let you see for yourself in the changelog below. I do wanna give a heads-up for the future though: Some personal matters are going to be digging into StVHS development and playtest time in the next couple of months (life is crazy, yo). I'm still committed to monthly updates through at least the end of the year, but the time frame for launching a crowdfunding campaign might get knocked back a month or two. I've been eyeing March, but something like May is a possibility. 
  • Significantly changed the text in the "Setting Up the Movie" section and moved that section to the beginning of the "Directing 101" part of the book.
  • Lowered the Defense stats on Bad Guys and Villains in a desire to see more hits!
  • Removed "reloading" as a gameplay concept. Weapons don't have reload numbers and you'll never spend 2 AP to reload your weapon
  • A couple items in the ranged weapon list now have a 4 or 5 AP cost to use.
  • Added "Costs 5 AP to use" to the ranged column of the Weapon Workshop.
  • Added "Smoke Bomb" and "Rope" to the list of "Other Items".
  • Added a quick bit about what it means for cover to be "absolute" in the "Don't Attack! ... Struggle!" section. In part, this is for the revised "Elite Shooter" perk mentioned below.

  • The sniper rifle granted by the "Sniper" trope has a 5 AP cost to use.
  • Added the "Words of Wisdom" perk.
  • The "Elite Shooter" perk now makes it so that your enemies don't benefit from cover against you unless the cover is absolute. Previously, this perk made reloading cost only 1 AP. 


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