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Sorry for the long wait everyone, but Straight to VHS version 0.3.05 is here at last!

As well as an update, today's gonna bring another change as well: monthly updates! Straight to VHS updates are going to become a more regular occurrence through the end of the year. This doesn't mean content will be shoveled out regardless of its level of completion, merely that whatever is ready to be released, will be released. So look forward to the next update on or before September 18th.

Now, let's take a look at the changelog for today's update.
  • Added "Ninja Boss" to the Villains section.
  • Added Sniper, S.W.A.T. Team Member, and Beefcake Warrior to the "Bad Guys" section.
  • Some very uninteresting minor tweaks to some preexisting bad guys.
  • "Defensive Maneuver" has been removed from the action guide. (In my experience it was never used much, and it wasn't particularly fun or interesting to use.)
  • The "Assist" action no longer requires that a character has a positive relevant stat to assist another character. It does, however, still require you to "explain how you're assisting". (the prerequisite wasn't needed and was just another thing to have to remember)
  • Added some text to the beginning of the "How to Play" section that more clearly lays out the roles of Director and player.
  • Added a note to the "recommended viewing" section in regards to Sharknado and similar films. Short version: "cherish sincerity".
  • Tightened some language throughout.

  • The "Talking Animal" trope now gets larger stat bonuses than it used to. (buff!)
  • The "Batshit Crazy" trope's "Trainwreck cinematic action now costs 3 AP instead of 4. (because reasons)
  • The "Coward" trope no longer allows you to hide for 1 AP (because being able to hide five times is not interesting). However, it now extends its dual epic dice beyond attacks on enemies who are simply unaware of you, and now includes surprise attacks of any kind. (deploy fake-out diplomacy!)
  • The "Famous" trope no longer grants the ability to escape grabs with 1 AP. (because being able to try escaping a grab five times is not interesting)
  • Clarified some language in the "Gumshoe" trope's "Analytical" cinematic action.
  • The "Know-It-All" trope's "Get a Bead on 'Em" cinematic action now costs 3 AP instead of 4. (because reasons)
  • The "Man/Woman of Action" trope now grants an epic dice token when you use a bad edit. The "Scene Stealer" cinematic action, which granted an additional bad edit each day, has been removed. (this seems more useful, more fun and easier to keep track of)
  • The "Man/Woman of the Cloth" trope no longer lets you persuade with 1 AP. (because being able to persuade 5 times is not interesting)
  • The "Martial Artist" trope no longer gets a +2 bonus to DEF while not using any sort of armor. It has also gained the "Whirlwind" cinematic action. (Goodbye book-keeping, hello new ability.)
  • The "Paid Sponsor" trope's "Withdrawals" cinematic action got tweaked a little. Most notably, it now requires a roll of 17 or higher, previously it was 15.
  • The "Police Cop" trope grants a "weapon worth up to $230" now instead of a "weapon with a +4 bonus". (Taken literally, the old text would allow some shenanigans with the weapon workshop.)
  • The "Protagonist" trope no longer grants a +2 bonus to a stat, but now grants "No Body, No Death" as a bonus perk. (Protagonist needed something fun added and I think No Body, No Death is a fitting solution)
  • The "Psychic Mindfreaker" trope has been revamped. It is no longer a guessing game reliant on the personal interpretations of the player and Director. Now the rulebook actually spells out how it works. This seems like a good idea. The result is a slightly more complex trope, but regardless it is now easier to wrap one's head around. The method of showing weakness has also been improved.
  • The "Road Rash" trope's "Back in the Saddle" cinematic action now requires you to go through an action sequence without a bike. (before, any scene would do, and that took all the narrative punch out of this)
  • The "Shredmeister" trope's "The World is a Playground" cinematic action now specifies that "If this is used outside an action sequence, using the skate-park feature must serve some kind of purpose." (This was added to avoid having Shredmeister players feel compelled to pointlessly use the cinematic action each and every scene to gain two epic dice tokens.)
  • The "Road Rash" trope's "Get to tha Choppa!" cinematic action now costs 1 AP rather than 2 AP. (this is more in line with the normal cost of scanning one's surroundings)
  • Amusingly, the "Snot-Nosed Brat" trope was accidentally worded in such a way to suggest that snot-nosed brats could die at 0 HP. And I quote: "Any time you would get killed and on each subsequent turn at 0 HP or less, roll a d20. You only die on a 5 or less." Yeah, this has been fixed to "Any time you would get killed and at the start of each subsequent turn at deadly HP levels, roll a d20. You only die on a roll of 5 or less."
  • The "Werewolf" trope saw some minor changes. An AP cost here, a stat bonus here. (a minor buff)
  • The "Wheelman" trope now requires that you go through an action sequence (not just any scene) without using a vehicle to show weakness.
  • The "Wrestler" trope's "Special Move" cinematic action now requires that you've already dealt damage to your opponent THIS SCENE.
  • The "Druid, or Possibly Farmer" perk has had its "weather prediction" epic turned into a straight-up ability to predict the weather. (because that was a stupid thing to roll for)

As a whole this update cleans up a bunch of specific rough edges for the players. A number of Tropes have shed uninteresting features and some problematic wording. Looking ahead, the sights are set on slightly bigger game. There's one beast in particular out in the woods that needs taming, or else it needs killin'. They call it "reloading".


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