This latest update brings important changes to Push it to the Limit. The short version is that player characters can no longer throw up their 1/2 total HP shield once per scene. Also, when you do use your once-per-day Push it to the Limit, you won't just be healing, you'll actually be gaining epic dice. It's more fun, more dangerous, and more bad-ass. Oh, and there's other stuff.

  • The Push it to the Limit action has been severely changed and is (once again) a once per day ability.
  • Added a reminder in the Action Sequences section that players can turn in epic dice tokens to gain extra AP. This has been stated in the Epic Dice section for a long time, but it gets missed quite a bit in there.
  • Added a couple more examples of how gambles might be ruled. I'm thinking this will give Directors firming footing on this.
  • Integrated a new icon in the Bad Guys and Villains section for abilities that aren't a ranged or melee attack, but which simply require the player to be in their presence.
  • Due to Push it to the Limit going back to once per day, I've added a sentence to the Bad Guys section reminding the Director that multiple tough encounters without a new day between them will ramp up the difficulty.

  • The "Sexual Tyrannosaurus" perk has had nothing done to it. Why would it? After all, it was in Predator well before it was a character perk in Borderlands, and I would never allow my brain to only remember the latter. So, same as always. Let's move on!
  • The "Push it Real Good" perk has been tweaked in the wake of Push it to the Limit being changed.
  • Added the "Gonna Take a Miracle" Cinematic Action to the trope "Man/Woman of the Cloth".
  • The "Martial Artist" trope now specifies the +5 STR bonus as being to attacks only.
  • Clarified that there is a 3 AP cost to the "Wrestler" trope's "Signature Move" action.
  • Added the "Looney" cinematic action to the "Talking Dog" trope.
  • The "It's Like Coach Says" cinematic action on the "Troubled Athlete" trope now grants two epic dice.


I have always been a gamer myself. I always look forward to the latest release in the gaming industry. I am excited to try out this new version. I believe it will make the game ten times more interesting. I cannot wait to download this. Thank you for sharing this information.

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