A new version has gone up today! It's a relatively modest update, but it brings some very welcome changes.

  • The slasher mode, which was recently introduced to the Villains section, now works differently. It more effectively causes the danger to rise throughout encounters with villains in slasher mode.
  • Buffed up a number of Bad Guys. Also added a piece of stock art to the last page of the Bad Guys section (this got added a dozen or so hours after the initial update).
  • The "Magnetic Pull" cinematic action now allows you to pull yourself to the object.
  • Fixed an error on the "Famous" trope. Famous characters can escape grabs for 1 AP.
  • The "Mad Scientist" trope now gets the "Duct Tape and Solder" perk as a free bonus perk.
  • The "Werewolf" trope has gained the "Bloodfrenzy" cinematic action, and the ability to instinctively know when an enemy is at half HP or less.
  • Clarified some text in the "Bumbling Sidekick" and "Gangster" tropes.

That's it. Game on!


The game is now even better. It is really fun to play and heck I even order dissertation info here so as to make up enough time for it.

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