There's a new horse in the stable. Say hello to Worst Poet Standing, a party game about writing terrible, no-good poetry.

In short, players are given a POET, each of which has a unique STYLE such as "teen angst", "gross", "political", or "sensual". The current judge reveals a TOPIC and reveals some KEYWORDS that can be used for extra points. Then... then terrible "poetry" is born, and judged.

The game is a bit short on content currently (7 poets, 36 topics, 8 keywords per poet), but we've had a blast play-testing it. We hope to develop it further, but Straight to VHS remains our #1 priority for the time being. 


06/29/2016 6:32am

Hi I would just like to say that I did enjoy reading your website and to wish you all the best with it in the future - Araceli Spain

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