Ryan M.M. October 14, 2015

     Did you know that Straight to VHS is the RPG of October 2015? Well, over at dailytechnomancer.com, it is!

     You can read the article here, in which the author breaks down the various aspects of the game and gives a final verdict. Not to spoil the conclusion, but I'm pretty sure future versions of StVHS will feature the following quote: "We give Straight to VHS a final grade of 9.5 lightsaber-wielding bearborgs out of 10." -Daily Technomancer

     Huge gratitude to Daily Technomancer for taking an interest so early on!



08/02/2016 12:51am

STVHS is such a fun and interesting game. My brother introduced me to the game last year while we were on vacation. I didn't know that we will enjoy the game so much. Up until now, we still play STVHS and it serves as our quality time as siblings. I hope that a lot will try the game and enjoy it.

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