Ryan M.M. September 14, 2015

     Holy bullet-list, Batfellow! Straight to VHS has been updated to version 0.2.92! There's two new tropes, an unusual new villain and lots of improvements!

Game-wide changes and additions
  • Rules about cover were added to the "Don't Fight, Struggle!" section.
  • Push it to the Limit can now be used on adjacent allies.
  • Player characters now start with 30 HP.
  • Also, HP now stands for "Hit Points" instead of "Health Points". This term may or may not be temporary (still hoping to get further feedback on this). Furthermore a note for Directors has been added to the "Hit Points" section explaining that damage to HP doesn't always have to be narrated as physical wounding.
  • The "Assist" action and the "Escape Grab" actions have both been reduced to 2 AP.
  • The "Grab" action has more sensible rules about movement.
  • The "Hide" action received some nuance and being hidden grants an epic die rather than a +2 bonus. There's also a bit of info on hiding added to the "Don't Attack, Struggle!" section.
  • The "Typical Character Actions" section got renamed to "Action Guide"
  • The "Dramatic Effects" section now explains that Dramatic Effects shouldn't keep "attacking" and stacking up. If it really makes sense for the characters to have to defend multiple times, just use the most recent result.
  • Added "Dimensional Doorway" to the "Villains" section.
  • The Giant Killer Robot bad guy has been tweaked a bit.
  • Minor wording changes and typo slaying.
  • The "Climbing Gear" item now bestows a "Climbing[x2]" epic.
  • The "Line Launcher" has been introduced to the item lists.
  • Also a "Welding and Cutting Torch". Mischief ho!
Trope/Perk changes and additions
  • Added two new Tropes: "Old Geezer" and "Snot-Nosed Brat".
  • The "Skating Ninja" has been replaced by the more flexible "Ninja" trope... It's got a pretty sweet new cinematic action (and don't worry, nothing is keeping you from buying a skateboard... Like I said: "more flexible").
  • The "Vampire" trope has been rebalanced. Blood Sucking now heals half the damage dealt (rounded down). Also, a wider array of vampire allergies are included. It's not all negative for Vampires though; they now get +2 to four stats.
  • The "Die Hardly" trope's ability to act at 0 HP or less got tweaked. Also, "Die Hardly" now gets a +10 bonus to HP, instead of a +8 bonus.
  • The "Coward" trope now takes a -8 penalty to HP, instead of a -6 penalty.
  • The "Monkey Man" trope's monkey now has 20 HP instead of 10 and has gained the "Climbing" epic.
  • When you turn into a werewolf thanks to the "Werewolf" trope, you now gain 10 HP instead of 8.
  • The "Man/Woman of the Cloth" trope's healing ability now requires that an ally must be able to see or hear you in order to receive the heal. A Pretty minor and loose requirement, but there it is.
  • The "Street Tough" trope's first cinematic action now grants epic dice instead of +2 bonuses.
  • Instead of giving a -3 penalty, the "Talking Dog" trope now gives a blooper die to actions that would benefit from oppossable thumbs
  • The "Push it Real Good" perk has been tweaked.
  • The "Sexy Nerd" perk now gives an Epic Die to Cha rolls, not a +3 bonus.
  • The "Sleeper Hold" perk's special attack is now executed with a blooper die, not a -3 penalty
  • The "Suppressing Fire" perk now saddles your enemies with blooper dice, not -3 penalties.
  • The "You Thought I Was Down" perk now grants an Epic Die to rolls, not a +2 bonus.


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