Updated! 0.2.91


Ryan M.M. August 20, 2015

     Hey, look! It's Straight to VHS version 0.2.91! Hell yeah! Time to see what's in the bag!
Game-wide changes and additions
  • Players earn an Epic Dice Token when they describe their gains from a montage as though it were a montage! 
  • Added the "Don't Attack... Struggle!" section.
  • Added a damn Bearborg to the Villains section.
  • The extended ranges on weapons (as explained in the Grid Rules section) have changed from giving a -2 penalty, to giving a blooper die instead.
  • Using a ranged weapon in an enemy's melee range now gives a blooper die instead of a -5 penalty.
  • The Epics and Bloopers section now touches upon the possibility of getting a (x2) Epic.
  • Tweaked some language throughout the How to Play section.
  • Script Change Types got renamed to Script Change Concepts.
  • Minor layout changes throughout.
  • Minor wording changes and typo slaying.
Trope and Perk changes
  • Added the "Gumshoe" trope.
  • The trope "The Brave One" now gives a blooper die on rolls while confronted with your fear (instead of reducing AP to 3 per turn). It also gained a Cinematic Action and an Epic.
  • The "Bumbling Sidekick" trope got a partial revamp.
  • The "Batteries Included" trope's first cinematic action now gives you the option of getting epic dice tokens instead of healing.
  • The "Man/Woman of the Cloth" trope's cinematic action now grants 2 AP instead of 1.
  • The "Net Hacker" trope's cinematic action no longer stipulates an amount of spent AP.
  • The "Psychic Mindfreaker" trope gained the Persuasion epic.
  • The 5 AP attack granted by the "Sniper" trope now gives an epic die to the attack rather than a +2 bonus.
  • The "Though Art From The Future/Past" tropes both gained a new Cinematic Action that allows them to pick up some Epic Dice Tokens. They lost their armor in exchange. These tropes now also give a choice as to which stat takes a penalty.
  • The "What a Scoop!" trope gained the Research epic and a new Cinematic Action for earning Epic Dice Tokens. In exchange, it now penalizes either ACC or STR.
  • Removed a note on the "Wildcard" perk relating to a previously removed aspect of the "Stoner" trope. Whoops!
  • The "You Thought I was Down" perk, got the bonus to rolls increased from +1 to +2.

Also, how great is Barry Bostwick in Megaforce? 


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