Version 0.2.6


Ryan M.M. April 14, 2015

     Let it be heard on the mountain tops and down in the vale, Straight to VHS v0.2.6 is available for your gaming pleasure!

     There are many changes, but the meat of this update can be found in the Tropes section. I can gab about it, but I strongly recommend digging in and seeing for yourself. The short version is that that every trope has been made bigger, better and more balanced. Some new tropes have joined the herd and some were scaled down into perks, but only because they were happier that way. 

     Lesse, what else?

  • The Directing 101 has added a new section entitled "Typical Character Actions". What does that mean? It means I've finally given the Director help with stuff like taunting, grabs, distracting, disarming, intimidating, pushing and such. You need not completely wing it!
  • One of those actions is a hitherto unsupported concept: "Scoot". It's a 5 foot (or 1 square) movement that costs 1 AP. 
  • Improved perks
  • Most perks can be taken twice, with clear results.
  • This means I also came to my senses and made a genuine attempt at balancing weapons and their costs.
  • Let's forget the terms "storable" and "automatic" epic dice. Epic dice are epic dice. The director can award epic die tokens, which can be held onto and turned in for an epic die, or an extra AP.
  • Tweaked the Character Sheet again!
  • Lots of little tweaks. Tweaked the typical target number guidlines in Directing 101, added new example weapons, improved some language throughout...

     Looking to the future, NPCs and baddies are overdue for some attention. The weapon workshop will likely see some expansion and I imagine the "Typical Character Actions" will see some refinement. And then there's all those other ideas I want to play with... 


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