Surprise! 0.2.7


Ryan M.M. April 30, 2015

     Hot on the heels of 0.2.6 is what I can honestly say is the absolute newest version of Straight to VHS so far! Version 0.2.7 doesn't just have a catchy name, it comes with these fabulous new features!!!!!

  • Better formatting for Tropes and Perks. This was aided by...
  • ...the birth of the term “Cinematic Actions”. It’s just a codification of limited-use actions like Push it to the Limit and those granted by Tropes and Perks.
  • Added a few Perks (Deceitful, Photographic Memory, The More the Merrier).
  • Light nerfing of a few tropes.
  • Light buffing of a couple tropes.
  • Made the example difficulties (pg. 37) more neutral in regards to the level of realism vs. over-the-top madness.
  • Laser Hawk and Vexius added to the example bad guys.
  • Tweaked some language, including the stat descriptions.
  • Tweaked the Weapon Workshop and some example weapons.
  • Fixed some typos and formatting blemishes.
         With that all in mind, this might be the most minor Straight to VHS update so far. My attention is now pretty squarely on getting Bad Guys up to code. I think I've actually worked out a decent method of calculating and indicating the overall strength of bad guys and how they compare to any number of PCs with any number of montages. But this is something that just absolutely needs playtesting. So, gimme and my guinea pigs some time and I'll be able to bring you a really meaningful update in 0.2.8. Rest assured that by the time I've got the Bad Guys all figured out, I'll have other improvements and additions ready to go too.



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