Ryan M.M. March 18, 2015

     Work continues on creating the world's best tabletop B-movie simulator! I just wanted to poke my head up for a moment and let everyone know that I'm not slowing down.

     I've been working on a systematic expansion of each of the character tropes. Essentially, I'm adding (on average) one interesting bit of utility to each trope. For example, the Coward trope has picked up this bit: "Once per day you can cower until the start of your next turn by spending 3 AP. While you are cowered in this way, nobody will attack you." New tropes are being added, some are being combined, some are being scaled down into perks. In short, tropes are becoming more interesting and more polished.

     I've also created a list of typical actions and how to rule them. The game states that characters can do “all sorts of stuff!" and "describe what your character wants to do and the Director will adjudicate accordingly." … This is damn skippy for the players, as a list of possible actions could simultaneously limit and overwhelm. But, to help out the Director, and to support balanced and rich gameplay, I have indeed created a list of typical actions and how they might be ruled. The current plan is to tuck it away in the Directing 101 section, where it hopefully won't loom as required reading for the players. So what do these "typical actions" look like? Let's have a couple examples.

GRAB (3 AP) Roll STR. Your target rolls DEF or ATH. On a success, you have grabbed your target. The grabbed target can't move and gets a Blooper Die on attack and defense rolls. You can only move half your normal speed while grabbing someone.

DEFENSIVE POSTURE (2 AP) Get an Epic Die to one DEF roll before the start of your next turn.

     There's also Intimidation, Escape a Grab, Assist, Hide and so on … These should all be on a single page that'll be great as a printed out cheat-sheet. The director is encouraged in the heading of this section to still get inventive when the players do the same. These “typical actions” are meant to enrich gameplay, not to limit it.

     Epic Dice are seeing some polish. I resisted this for a while, because I didn't want them to be *too* much like D&D 5e's advantage system, but confound it, they are now rolled simultaneously with your normal roll. I found that some players already believed this to be the case anyway, and I just think it's more interesting than using them after a roll fails in order to get another shot at it. Being different just for the sake of being different was silly anyhow. But wait, there's more...

     The idea of "Storable Epic Dice" has also been changed (and thank goodness! What a clunky term!). Now, when the Director rewards players for putting the movie/character concepts first, they give them a (as of yet unnamed) token. This can indeed be traded in for an Epic Die on your upcoming roll, but it can also be traded in for 1 AP. Strategery!

     On top of all that, I'm gonna be working on the Weapon Workshop concept discussedhere. This may or may not make the next public update. Speaking of which... I’m gonna be getting a considerable break from ye olde day job starting on the first of April and thus you can expect to see a new public version of the game uploaded in early April. No foolin'.


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