In what is surely the fastest numbered update in Straight to VHS history, version 0.3.04 brings added functionality This is mostly a quality of life update, but there's a couple small changes to the game that are sneaking in too.

  • Added bookmarks and links throughout the document! See a blue word and don't quite remember what it's all about? Click it! Wanna go right to the Bad Guys section but hate scrolling? Open up your bookmarks folder and digi-teleport there!
  • Clarified that move actions end when you take another action or pass to another character's turn (no jumping out of cover, hitting, then running back into cover all for 3 AP)
  • Did a sweep of the document and corrected a few small issues, cleaned up some text and added a few explanatory bits. Nothing about this really changed the game, but rest-assured I've done some housekeeping.
  • Can you believe I've never included a link to the fillable character sheet in the actual rulebook? This situation has been rectified. Also, the fillable sheet itself has been updated.

  • The "Batshit Crazy" trope now gives the option of -2 to either CHA or INT. In a related matter, the "Train Wreck" cinematic action now works with either CHA or INT. You can be all sorts of crazy now.
  • The "Warrior Training" perk got the nerf what was comin' to it. The STR bonus is gone.
  • The "Why Didn't You Say So?" perk now requires a 12+ in order for an item to be within reach.
This latest update brings important changes to Push it to the Limit. The short version is that player characters can no longer throw up their 1/2 total HP shield once per scene. Also, when you do use your once-per-day Push it to the Limit, you won't just be healing, you'll actually be gaining epic dice. It's more fun, more dangerous, and more bad-ass. Oh, and there's other stuff.

  • The Push it to the Limit action has been severely changed and is (once again) a once per day ability.
  • Added a reminder in the Action Sequences section that players can turn in epic dice tokens to gain extra AP. This has been stated in the Epic Dice section for a long time, but it gets missed quite a bit in there.
  • Added a couple more examples of how gambles might be ruled. I'm thinking this will give Directors firming footing on this.
  • Integrated a new icon in the Bad Guys and Villains section for abilities that aren't a ranged or melee attack, but which simply require the player to be in their presence.
  • Due to Push it to the Limit going back to once per day, I've added a sentence to the Bad Guys section reminding the Director that multiple tough encounters without a new day between them will ramp up the difficulty.

  • The "Sexual Tyrannosaurus" perk has had nothing done to it. Why would it? After all, it was in Predator well before it was a character perk in Borderlands, and I would never allow my brain to only remember the latter. So, same as always. Let's move on!
  • The "Push it Real Good" perk has been tweaked in the wake of Push it to the Limit being changed.
  • Added the "Gonna Take a Miracle" Cinematic Action to the trope "Man/Woman of the Cloth".
  • The "Martial Artist" trope now specifies the +5 STR bonus as being to attacks only.
  • Clarified that there is a 3 AP cost to the "Wrestler" trope's "Signature Move" action.
  • Added the "Looney" cinematic action to the "Talking Dog" trope.
  • The "It's Like Coach Says" cinematic action on the "Troubled Athlete" trope now grants two epic dice.
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A new version has gone up today! It's a relatively modest update, but it brings some very welcome changes.

  • The slasher mode, which was recently introduced to the Villains section, now works differently. It more effectively causes the danger to rise throughout encounters with villains in slasher mode.
  • Buffed up a number of Bad Guys. Also added a piece of stock art to the last page of the Bad Guys section (this got added a dozen or so hours after the initial update).
  • The "Magnetic Pull" cinematic action now allows you to pull yourself to the object.
  • Fixed an error on the "Famous" trope. Famous characters can escape grabs for 1 AP.
  • The "Mad Scientist" trope now gets the "Duct Tape and Solder" perk as a free bonus perk.
  • The "Werewolf" trope has gained the "Bloodfrenzy" cinematic action, and the ability to instinctively know when an enemy is at half HP or less.
  • Clarified some text in the "Bumbling Sidekick" and "Gangster" tropes.

That's it. Game on!