Ahem! *puts on salesman hat*

I want you to imagine a world in which you could show off your gaming pride with a bitchin' t-shirt. Also, imagine if every purchase were to help fund the ongoing development of Straight to VHS.

It may sound like some fanciful science-fiction dream, but in fact, it is a beautiful science-real truthoid!

Each design is available in a women's t-shirt and unisex/men's.
There are 13 colors available for the women's shirts and 15 for the men's shirts!

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A new version has gone up today! It's a relatively modest update, but it brings some very welcome changes.

  • The slasher mode, which was recently introduced to the Villains section, now works differently. It more effectively causes the danger to rise throughout encounters with villains in slasher mode.
  • Buffed up a number of Bad Guys. Also added a piece of stock art to the last page of the Bad Guys section (this got added a dozen or so hours after the initial update).
  • The "Magnetic Pull" cinematic action now allows you to pull yourself to the object.
  • Fixed an error on the "Famous" trope. Famous characters can escape grabs for 1 AP.
  • The "Mad Scientist" trope now gets the "Duct Tape and Solder" perk as a free bonus perk.
  • The "Werewolf" trope has gained the "Bloodfrenzy" cinematic action, and the ability to instinctively know when an enemy is at half HP or less.
  • Clarified some text in the "Bumbling Sidekick" and "Gangster" tropes.

That's it. Game on!
First things first, there's an update to the game! 

Get it here: Straight to VHS Version 0.3.01
Read the changelog here: Changelog

It's almost been two years since Straight to VHS was born. At first it was just a awesome and funny idea. Then it became something super-fun to do with friends. And for a while now, it's been something we've shared on a few subreddits and posted about on social media a bit. To our joy, people have been really diggin' it. 

And it's just been SO. MUCH. FUN. We wanna keep doing this.
It's time to start the next phase...

Version 0.3.01 isn't just ceremonial. There's some new stuff under the hood. Behold the terror of a villain in Slasher Mode! Breathe a sigh of relief as you see the new, streamlined AP chart (my vote for best single improvement in the last several updates), and pop a 720° frontside fakie on your BMX surfboard when you see the new Shredmeister trope (thanks to M0RGANMLGMAN on Reddit for the suggestion). And of course, there's more. There's always more.

There's a new horse in the stable. Say hello to Worst Poet Standing, a party game about writing terrible, no-good poetry.

In short, players are given a POET, each of which has a unique STYLE such as "teen angst", "gross", "political", or "sensual". The current judge reveals a TOPIC and reveals some KEYWORDS that can be used for extra points. Then... then terrible "poetry" is born, and judged.

The game is a bit short on content currently (7 poets, 36 topics, 8 keywords per poet), but we've had a blast play-testing it. We hope to develop it further, but Straight to VHS remains our #1 priority for the time being. 
Let's take a look at the two new pieces of art that were recently added to the PDF. Huge props to the artists!

Ryan Mellon, 3/10/16

Straight to VHS has never gone longer without a public update, and there's a lot of NEW to go over. First off, let's mention some of the stuff going on surrounding the game. There are now two names accredited with "Game Designer" in the book. In truth, Straight to VHS has received input and ideas from one Kirsten Hostbjor since the very beginning, and her level of involvement has only been rising. In short, it was past due to ditch the pretense that this was strictly a sole proprietorship. Also, you might notice that I've dropped the "M. M." moniker and am letting the full name fly.

We've taken the step of forming an honest to goodness company, Lost Cat Games. We've also set up this new website. A bit slicker than the old digs, yes? In our bid for professionalism, we've also removed the artwork from the PDF that had been basically pilfered from old movie posters. It's not all bad news on the art front though. Three original art works have now been added to the PDF and more will join them. Still, filling the book with art is going to be a long-term goal that we just can't possibly afford as of now.

Some might recall, I've long-talked of starting a widespread promotional push with the release of version 0.3. This isn't going to be strictly accurate, but damn close. We're releasing this update now, just before a brief vacation (not even a full week). We wanna let the changes sink in a bit and get some feedback. Version 0.3.01 will be quick to follow and will coincide with outreach to the larger gaming community. Please wish us well, but pretty pretty please get in touch with your feedback on the game in its current state. We need your thoughts! (yesss, feeeed us your thoughtsss...)

So, here's this thing: Straight to VHS version 0.3
The change log is as follows:

Ryan M.M. December 8, 2015

     DUUUUUDE! Check out this bitchin' street tough of a werewolf over here! Much thanks to the talented Roman Lutsenko for the first (and extremely awesome) piece of official Straight to VHS artwork!

     I'm slowly getting Straight to VHS ready for the debutante. Aside from artwork, I'll also be forming an LLC and getting better web-hosting [UPDATE: Done and done!]. We're going legit, people! Stay tuned!

Ryan M.M. November 30, 2015

     Version 0.2.93 took a bit long, but it brings pretty substantial changes, the most dramatic of which is that characters now get 6 action points on thier turns instead of 5. That might sound like a normal sort of tweak, but it has wide-ranging effects on the game and thus required quite a bit of playtesting. After two and a half months I would have liked to have a bunch of new baddies and character options, but this update really is more about nuts and bolts (though there is the new Sophisticated trope, with a very unique Cinematic Action). So, with expectations in check, let's take a look at what this update is all about.

Ryan M.M. October 14, 2015

     Did you know that Straight to VHS is the RPG of October 2015? Well, over at dailytechnomancer.com, it is!

     You can read the article here, in which the author breaks down the various aspects of the game and gives a final verdict. Not to spoil the conclusion, but I'm pretty sure future versions of StVHS will feature the following quote: "We give Straight to VHS a final grade of 9.5 lightsaber-wielding bearborgs out of 10." -Daily Technomancer

     Huge gratitude to Daily Technomancer for taking an interest so early on!