Hot on the heels of version 0.4, Straight to VHS takes a significant step forward today with version 0.4.01!

AP (or Action Points), have been in StVHS for a long while now, but have been growing increasingly vestigial. Earlier versions of the game leaned pretty hard on the AP system, with features like being able to turn in tokens to gain AP, and movement costing AP. But as the game has been refined over time, we've been narrowing in on StVHS' promise of being an easy to learn, and quick-moving RPG, with just enough mechanical meat to guide the players and give interesting choices.

UPDATE: Fixed the misplaced text for Batshit Crazy's "Conspiracy Theorist" cinematic action. Also, updated the page numbers in the artist credits and fixed various typos.

Straight to VHS gets a huge update today (download the game for free HERE). There's a lot to unpack, so for sanity's sake I'm gonna be brief with some of the big points

  • I'm calling this a "Playtest" update because I haven't had time to thoroughly test out a number of changes that have been made in this update. That said, I expect only very minor changes may be needed.

  • We've completely rebuilt the document in Scribus, resulting in a much better looking PDF. That said, features like bookmarks and self-linking didn't make it in time for this update. Expect them soon though!

  • Similarly, I haven't built a new character sheet for this new PDF. For now, I've included links on the site, and in the PDF itself, which will take you to a character sheet PDF (AS OF 5/24, THIS SHEET IS NOW OUT OF DATE WITH THE CURRENT VERSION).

  • Expect updates soon that will build upon the excellent new foundation of the version 0.4 playtest. 

  • This update brings some really great changes to the game, for real!

Alright, time to dig into the change log.